Sunday, October 24, 2010

Busy Boy

Justin was a busy boy today. He hung the rest of the doors and outfitted many of them with doorknobs and latches and the like. The only think holding him up was me...I was a little behind on my prepping the doorknobs and latches and the like.

Our linen closet, all buttoned up.

So, while I was finishing up the prepping of hardware, J moved onto relocating the light switch so that it wouldn't be behind the door in the bedroom.

The pocket door for the master closet with adjacent new light switch.Check out the period hardware on the spare bedroom door! Salvaged from our own home.

Trying to use up the expiring Chinook Book coupons for 2010, we stopped by Second Use, a used building supply store, and found two matching bifold doors for the second bedroom's closet in the right size and style all for about $75 which was a screaming deal for solid oak doors in a craftsman style. Yippee!! So, we'll have more door stories coming soon.

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