Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Class Reunion

The class of '98 met up again for another summer picnic. This time the babies weren't quite so docile...2 of 3 are walking and the youngest pipsqueak is just about ready to launch. That's tough on a group of parents in a house with flights of stairs and not a single cabinet latch. Now that the kiddos are a little older, bedtimes are more important so the whole crowd was gone by 8 o'clock. 

L-R: Andy, Megan, Justin, Henry, Scott, Tory, Colin, Elizabeth, Jay, Esme. Foreground: Pongo's rear.

Flowers: A Montage

 Just a few shots from my garden on the last day of July.

Echinacea and Russian Sage

Bluebeard and Monarda

My favorite vignette: Penstemon, Daphne and Dusty Miller

Paintin' and Preppin'

Most of this month we've been lolly-gagging around, taking in the summery weather (Yes! I'm the only one in Seattle who thinks we were dealt a decent summer) and taking a break from the DIY projects. But, we've managed to cram in a few projects, specifically the prepping of the stairs for their big makeover (coming soon) and this weekend, a start on replacing the trim around the windows on the south side of the house.

Justin spent a few hours on Saturday digging out all of the wood from the garage that we've been storing since about this time two summers ago. On Sunday morning, I primed all of the pieces and by Sunday afternoon, Justin was into the blue paint, laying down the first finish coat.

Meticulously applying a coat to the trim boards.