Sunday, August 19, 2012

A few rooms

Despite record temperatures on Friday, our weekend was mild and a little overcast--in other words, an ideal weekend to spend in the basement! We are still busy with the stud installation and now we have nearly 3 of the 4 perimeter walls up and our new bathroom has taken shape with the plumbing rough-in and some new walls. We were at this stage three years ago on a different floor in a different season.
Handyman, Justin, ready to fasten in a 2x4.

 Lazyman Pongo, chillakin' with the studs.

Our new 1/2 bath, roughed and framed in. We still need to remove the window and replace it with something smaller.

Standing on the west side, in Justin's future workroom looking through the bathroom and laundry room.

Our new crawlspace access door. This will be the only access to the secret room under the front porch.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sump'thing's going on

We are officially waterproofed in the basement. The drains and sump were installed in 2 days which barely left the cats any time to play in the world's best habitrail. I am really hoping that the big pile of dirt that the crew left in the basement overnight didn't get used as a litter box.

 Here's the big hole for the sump pump, right underneath the water heater.

Pongo in the trenches. This was the BEST.GAME.EVER.

This weekend, we took the project to the next level. We were able to start framing and despite lots of automated tools, we weren't that efficient at framing. We finished the entire north wall and barely started an interior wall that will be used for plumbing. Prior to framing, we hung up 6mm visqueen on the masonry and tucked it behind the drainage membrane in case there is any condensation. If that happens, it will be routed to the perimeter drain rather than the insulation we'll be putting up.

Here's the north wall all framed up. This corner from the panel and back to the window will be our future storage room.

Here's the lone interior wall--95" long that took most of Sunday to put up since there are so many pieces of plumbing and ductwork to work around (and that is without actually building any soffits yet).