Sunday, March 31, 2013

A big leap on the project front

Justin and I have been busy finishing projects these last few weeks and not blogging much about it so this is going to be a lot of progress in a single post.

In early March, we got busy sanding and painting the doors that we found at Second Use, a local salvage store. This store has been a gold mine for us in the door arena...we really scored some awesome deals. Justin got a good buy from Compton Lumber for building the door frames for these doors and prepping for the door hardware.

Here's the man making sure he has a smooth finish.

These doors really finish the room and hiding all of our storage.

Our future bathroom is to the left and our workshop to the right.

This week, I stayed home from work to host the carpet installers. This took a couple of hours and voila! we had a finished space.

Tink is making herself comfortable. The room was so different with a concrete floor but now looks cozy and complete...minus the furniture.

 Another view. Check out those curves.

This weekend was delightful. We had sunny weather--enough for short sleeves and the first outdoor bicycle ride of the season.  Justin and I spent some quality time cleaning up the yard and filling up the yard waste bin.

 We redid this corner with coniferous shrubs that should be a better fit for the space. The previous plants had outgrown the plot.

The side garden is coming in nicely.