Monday, March 26, 2012

In the closet

While I wish I had a lovely gardening photo to share with you from such a mild, dare I say warm, weekend, most of the weekend was actually spent in a 2.5'x9' closet. It is now 2 closets.

Here's an overview: We had an awkward bedroom closet that was "walk in" but so narrow that we couldn't really take advantage of the space. So, we chopped it in two and have a smaller and shallower closet for the bedroom and a similarly sized little closet annexed to the kitchen. Yippee. And, we also started to rebuild the stairs to the basement to make them a little safer.

Here's Justin removing the final remnants of closet hardware so we can start building a new wall.

Our new wall, making this closet magnitudes better in space efficiency. We'll need to finish this drywall before we can put some function in the closet but this will work just fine until we get to that step.

A little demo to get into our new closet for the kitchen.

A roughed in template for a new closet. We need still need to demo some plaster under the window and we are considering modifying the window configuration too. Stay tuned for more on that in a few months.

A work in progress had us looking before we leaped.

Voila, One solid platform from the kitchen to the new closet! We'll get some new (used) fir flooring to tie this all together.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

More earthquake-proofing

Ughh. We've had enough of this project so thank goodness it is nearly complete. Justin and I finished bolting the posts to their footings today and just have a few joist hangers to left to go. See what else we've been up to on my other blog.