Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trimmed out

Justin and I have been doing a lot of basement work over the last few weeks but the work is the kind that is hard to see in photos. Mostly we've been installing baseboard trim, patching scrapes and dents in the walls and getting things ready to add door casing. We took our bargain doors to the lumberyard last week to have frames built and this weekend we installed the frames. Justin picked up 200+ linear feet of door casing which we have been busy painting. Together we painted and installed all of the baseboard trim two weekends ago and I caulked and filled all of the holes. Once we have the rest of the trim up, we can go back around and put a final coat of paint on everything to give it a nice finished look.

In other news, we got a few carpet samples and while we have a general color family (taupe), we haven't found a style we're so keen on yet.

We installed 3 door frames and prepped them with paint. The doors need to be sanded and painted too.

Here's the door casing trim, in the middle of their paint job.

And while I made dinner, Justin cut the countertop for my new desk/crafting station.