Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor weekend

We have a theme for Labor Day weekend around here: labor. First, we made a couple of more rooms by framing up some more interior walls. We have more framing to go but we need a little rerouting of some duct work before we can finish framing the rooms. And then there are all of the soffits...(we'll be at this framing gig into November, I think.)

When we changed up the stairway lighting last month, we disconnected all of the lights in the basement so we've had a hodge podge of extension cords strung up to temporary lights. It was getting pretty annoying to feel your way down there and find a light. But, we've got switches in two rooms now and receptacles partially installed too. All in a weekend's work.

In other news, Justin and I harvested a bunch of blackberries and I whipped up 12 cans of blackberry jam (seedless!). Now that I've broken out the canner, I am planning a big can-stravaganza next weekend to fill up the larder.