Monday, April 9, 2012

Stepping up

This weekend we tackled the rebuild of the basement stairs. Remember our last foray into stair building? Luckily things went a little smoother this time.

Our project started with an argument because measuring out the stair cuts is a little tedious and involves a lot of second guessing. I had drawn it all out and done the calculations but had not handled the bottom step and top step uniquely from the others. Justin wasn't ready to trust my drawing and wanted to do one of his own but we disagreed our way into agreement and figured it out. And after marking up the board and measuring again, we cut our first stringer, perfectly the first time.

We planned ahead and installed trim stringers as well to give our stairs a finished look when we finally do finish them.

Here's Justin smiling because these babies fit the first time and went in quickly. It was all the cutting that took eons.

Our temporarily finished product. We'll be getting some pricey fir treads to finish these up but makeshift OSB treads will work for now.