Sunday, November 21, 2010

Whirlwind of a weekend

For the last few weekends we've been projecting but we haven't really finished much to showcase. But, alas, all of that tedious painting a sanding finally came to fruition. This weekend, we took on the back door and other assorted projects. Of course, we picked the coldest weekend of the year to tackle the project where the house has to be open but aside from some frosted fingers, we pulled it off.

Our new rear view: check out our renovated backyard!

It's weird getting used to all of that light in the back corner of the kitchen; I keep thinking we left the door open.

Out the front of the house, the view is decidedly uneven. This poor maple can't decide what color to be: orange or green. This is the most bizarre fall coloring I've seen:

Once the door was in place, we took on a bunch of other miscellany: refinishing the butcher block, touching up paint here and there, prepping the new front door for another coat of finish, and cleaning out the basement.

The butcher block has been holding up pretty well with the finish we applied but last month when I left a wet cast iron skillet on the wood, I was left with a stubborn rust spot. That, along with a few other imperfections were sanded out on Saturday and we have a new coat of oil penetrating the wood this evening.

Here's Justin sanding out the rough spots.

We carried the new front door into the basement because the urethane wasn't drying very fast in the cold garage. The basement is pretty chilly too but probably warm enough. I'll be add a couple of coats of finish to the door and before long, we'll be turning off the heat in the house again to install the front door. Brrrrr....

Here's Justin sanding out the rough patches where the finish didn't set up nicely due to the cold temperatures.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our next project

So, now that we have the interior doors painted and hung and privacy is no longer premium in this household, we have a few new projects in the queue. First up, exterior doors. Our lovely 6-panel steel doors are not long for this world...we've got a new front door and back door in the paint barn this week and if everything goes to plan, we might have a new front door before Thanksgiving. Wouldn't that be welcoming?

Justin in the paint barn working on the back door. It is mostly glass and we're hoping it opens up the back corner of the kitchen a bit.

Second in the queue are some drapes for the windows in the front of the house. At first I thought I'd make them and then I was feeling lazy so I started looking around to buy drapes and then I got cheap (and I didn't really find a pattern I liked either) so I'm back to the idea of making them. I'm zeroing in a fabric and would welcome any reader's opinions.

Here are the top contenders: (l-r) Red squares, gray/black whirly gigs, and gray links. If I go with either of the gray fabrics, I'm considering bordering the drape with red fabric to bring some red into the room.