Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our next project

So, now that we have the interior doors painted and hung and privacy is no longer premium in this household, we have a few new projects in the queue. First up, exterior doors. Our lovely 6-panel steel doors are not long for this world...we've got a new front door and back door in the paint barn this week and if everything goes to plan, we might have a new front door before Thanksgiving. Wouldn't that be welcoming?

Justin in the paint barn working on the back door. It is mostly glass and we're hoping it opens up the back corner of the kitchen a bit.

Second in the queue are some drapes for the windows in the front of the house. At first I thought I'd make them and then I was feeling lazy so I started looking around to buy drapes and then I got cheap (and I didn't really find a pattern I liked either) so I'm back to the idea of making them. I'm zeroing in a fabric and would welcome any reader's opinions.

Here are the top contenders: (l-r) Red squares, gray/black whirly gigs, and gray links. If I go with either of the gray fabrics, I'm considering bordering the drape with red fabric to bring some red into the room.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

I think the red is to much red, white & blue with a july 4th feel .. I love the pattern though. Is that pattern available in another color?

My first choice from the 3 would be the one on the right.