Sunday, October 30, 2011


I picked my bumper crop of backyard apples last weekend. There were about 5 pounds and they were nearly perfect, nary a worm. I've been eating them all week and they have a delicious crunch and tart flavor. Can't wait for more next year!

Happy Halloween

We missed the costume parties this year but we didn't miss out on the pumpkin carving.

Our neighbors, Chelsy and Cyndi stopped by on Saturday night to share in carving up these jack-o-lanterns.


Well, it was a big weekend for our friends Michelle and Ryan...they moved into their new house. With that event, we moved out all of the odds and ends that we'd been storing for them for the last few months. We've got the real estate in our garage and NW corner of our basement back...and that means a project!

Lowes sent us a coupon this week--just what we'd been waiting for to buy a garage door opener. It was the perfect excuse for Justin to spend 10 hours in the garage alone. I helped with one step requiring two people but for the most part, this was a Justin project. His reward for his effort is the treat of parking in there. 

Too bad snapshots can't capture movement...the door was headed up for my first trial run of the new gadget.

Justin spend a few hours tidying up the garage so it would fit a car...he's got some new organization for ladders and sawhorses as well as his drill press.