Sunday, June 7, 2009

Slowin' down

Well, the sunny spring days have been a major distraction from home improvement projects. We've discovered a nice walking route through the Cheasty greenbelt and bike-to-work month got us onto our saddles again, peddling to the daily grind. So, our progress at home has slowed down. Aside from some incidentals that don't matter much, we can say we're officially done with the living, dining, and master bedroom. We're all painted and moved in and things are looking done. The kitchen is up next for her trim-out. But this is pretty much where we've stalled on the painting front.

Instead of painting, we've been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing. This last weekend we hosted a baby shower so we got the place dusted and prepped and gave the ol' oven a workout. I got busy filling our built-in cabinets in the living room with books and other curiosities. This weekend we had nothing going on except a visit from our internet provider to fix our ever-failing connection. So, we decided to tackle the basement. Before we moved in, Justin and I built some shelves for convenient storage. But, we didn't build enough shelving and we installed the shelving in front of one of the basement windows. Tomorrow, we are having new windows installed throughout the basement so we had our excuse to address the chaos down there that we created on moving day.

A place for everything and everything in its place (almost).

We also picked up the cabinets for our desk space that we're building. Two out of three were correct but the third one was the wrong dimension so back it went and a new one is ordered and on its way. Here are the two in the approximately correct location. We have a bunch to do with the attic access before we can officially install these.

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