Sunday, July 12, 2009

Would you like to come stay with us?

We have an extra room to stay in now and it is awfully cute! Well, we have had the room since we moved in but just this weekend we finished the painting the the picture hanging and clearing the out the clutter from the move.

We're training our kitten to do home improvement projects so we can have an extra set of hands. So far, we've taught her to climb ladders which is important because she's pretty short. All the climbing tuckered her out so we caught her cat napping on the ladder of all places!

Justin did most of the painting this time around (although Cricket got her whiskers into it).

Here's the makeover of the awkward walk-in closet in the guest room:

And the final product. Doesn't it look cozy?We're all ready now for a house guest. Would you like to come stay with us?


pcs in seattle said...

Does a visit include breakfast in bed?

Bill said...

Looks great! If meals are included, maybe we will drop Henry off for a few days.

Regina said...

I DO!!!
I just got the link to your blog from Justin and read it all! What an amazing job you guys did - it looks great! Congratulations!