Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What we've been up to.

Well, it hasn't been blogging, that's for sure. But the bungalow is coming along nicely. We finished up the fireplace prep and got the gutters installed and enough exterior paint on the house to get us through the winter. Justin found a tool chest at his grandmother's house that he's claimed for his own and started organizing the mounds of hardware and tools we have littering the basement. We've got two interior doors patched and nearly painted and ready to hang...just one more coat of paint likely. Justin's mastering the art of spray painting.

When I moved out to Washington from Indiana, I brought 2/3 of my childhood bedroom set but I left the large decorative metal & glass cabinet behind because it just wasn't practical for my college accommodations. Ten years later, I figured it would be a nice addition to my decor and so when I heard that my freshly retired parents were taking a road trip out west, I asked them to bring it along. They trucked it over 3000 miles and we took it another 7 miles down the road to the powdercoater to have it refinished. And now it is reunited with it's furniture mates. I must find something interesting to display in this cabinet. Any thoughts? There are 2 glass shelves that install in the cabinet yet.

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