Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Seattle, We have a 2nd Bathroom!

We have a second bathroom complete! Lest you think we've been doing nothing on the home improvement front, I have a photo of a completed second bathroom (dare I say Master Bathroom). We've been using this second bathroom almost since we moved in but the details weren't complete. They are now! Here's the rundown: We sanded down all of the ugly trim, filled the holes and re-sanded; painted the trim white to match the rest of the house; caulked between the windows and trim; repainted the red-orange walls to get a clean edge with the ceiling and address a few of the areas without paint where we thought we might put tile but opted not to.
Except for the missing door (doors on bathrooms are so overrated!), we have another room to check off our list. That leaves one room and one hallway to finish up before we officially have this house put back together and have time for other things like the hobbies we both abandoned when we took on this monster project!

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