Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Deck in a Weekend

Take two days of dry weather (and add in a little sun) and you can have a 6x12 foot deck. At least we could! Justin poured the footings last Thursday so we could get a jump on the hammerin' and nailin' for the weekend. On Saturday, we got the full substructure in place. On Sunday, Justin spent the morning meticulously cutting the holes for the handrail posts in the decking while I planted a vegetable garden in the front yard (yeah!!). After lunch, we got on with the fun and fast part of installing deck boards. And by 5PM, we were sitting on our deck enjoying a beer.
Here I am pounding in a Simpson hanger.
And the finished product. (Yeah, yeah, we know we're missing a few things like railings and stairs)

Justin took his new smoker (a 30th birthday gift from yours truly) for a trial run and made dinner while we assembled the deck: smoked pork butt.

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