Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well, a few weeks ago I imagined the front door would be in by Thanksgiving. That didn't happen, but we did get the new back door installed before the turkey was roasted. Today, after 5 coats of urethane, we took on the front door. I don't have any before photos because Justin dove right into this project and had the old door off its hinges before I could grab the camera. The only thing remarkable about the old front door was the porthole that the former owner installed as a peephole. But, alas, that is done and we are getting rid of the 6 panel contractor-grade steel door and installing a lovely Craftsman-style fir door with 3 window panels for viewing who is knocking on the door.

Justin, pulling off the interior trim, cracking lots of plaster along the way:
Out with old and in with the new:

3/4 of the way there. We still need to install some hardware so we can latch and lock the door and have some insulating and trim work to do (another day):
Lookin' good, Beacon Hill Bungalow!

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