Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just for fun...

We've been working on finished the trim in the guest bedroom upstairs. We are rounding 3rd on that project. I don't have any photos for you of the trim, but I have been hard a work figuring out what the third bedroom should look like when we're finished with it. I've been playing around with Olioboard and here's what I've come up with (and don't worry, I don't love that curtain's just all I could find in the approximately correct color) :

I'm really only set on the shag purple rug since I already own it. The bed, which I didn't feature in the montage is black and a bit contemporary. Everything else would be need to be acquired. I'm kind of excited about the plum-turquoise-lime green combination but I have some other ideas up my sleeve: red-pink-plum, orange-lime green-plum, and plum-navy. I'm thinking all of these would have a backdrop of white walls...and I'm leaning toward a white that has a drop of gray in it.

Anyway, let me know if you think this is too much or if you have any other great ideas for incorporating a purple shag rug into my decor.


pcs in seattle said...

Make it a shag carpet with an image of Mike Myers!

Anonymous said...

Those are Buffy's colors. Ask her for ideas.