Sunday, December 2, 2012

Toasty Warmth

This basement of ours is looking a lot more like our vision these days. We had the insulators in on Friday and now the basement looks more like a set of rooms, thanks to the opaqueness of the batts. Justin dutifully moved about 2/3rds of our storage up into the extra bedroom and garage to clear the way for the workers. We'll have drywallers in next week so getting this stuff out of their way will help them out.

 Here's our beverage collection. It is nearly a cubic yard of beer, wine and soda. We stockpile. This room literally is hemmed in on all sides now.

 Justin and his dad did a little remediation work on one of the footings for our porch on Friday while the insulation team was in the house. The footing had started to crumble so Justin reused some leftover rebar and formed up a new footing for the column.

 The white insulation helps you imaging what it will look like with walls!

Here's a shot of the storage room all bundled up.

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