Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

The new year has come and it has brought shelves! This weekend was all about organizing and storing stuff that has been crammed into the nooks and crannies of our spare rooms and garage. We have lots of photos of stuff to share. Here's a little chronology of our long weekend:
  • Final coat of polyurethane on the floor
  • Trim out storage room; no worries about caulk and paint...it's a storage room.
  • Build first two of three shelving units in storage room
  • Wipe down and move all of our outdoor/active gear onto these shelves
  • Build shelves in closet of tool room and move all paint and adhesives into tool room
  • Build workbench in tool room
  • Move all of Justin's tools and hardware/supplies into tool room
  • Build third shelf in storage room and store the remaining boxes of stuff
  • Relocate can light in living room; mud and tape hole
  • Paint closet in laundry room
  • Build shelving for spare bedroom closet
  • Build shelving for new pantry space and move a few goodies into this space
Here are the photos of our efforts:

Oops...we measured wrong. 

New shelves, stocked with all of our stuff and even some room to spare for future expansion. Note the trim and shiny blue floor.

 The tool room, outfit with a new workbench and tools! We still need trim in here but are planning to pre-paint it before nailing it to the wall.

The spare bedroom's new closet shelving. 

Our cool blue pantry with all of my canned goods and cookbooks and assorted beverages. I have a few ideas for how to tart it up a bit.

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