Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I can see clearly now...

Sad to say but this year I am really only container gardening. We need a plan before it makes sense to tear up the front yard and install something more ecologically friendly and attractive than a lawn and a plan we do not have-yet. It seems that we've just had a few too many other things to do besides create a landscape plan. I did start a plant list though and I'm trying to stick to 80% drought tolerant plants, especially in the full sun areas. I think I'll have a lot of lavender and spirea which I love. I am going to try a rock rose or two as well as some ornamental grasses and yarrow. I know from my last yard what I'm not going to install (sumac trees! Stipa gigantica!). I'm also going to splurge my water budget for a hydrangea or two and definitely a beautiful witch hazel tree. We'll be putting in a cherry tree and apple tree somewhere in the yard but I haven't a clue what variety yet. Something prolific...it is all about the fruit.

My container garden:
We have new windows in the basement! Seriously, the old ones were bad. Panes were broken, there were no latches on some and you could see through the frames to the outside. Someday we'll get around to framing out these walls, insulating and creating a more livable space down there but in the meantime, we'll just have one that is more air-tight.


Unknown said...

I'm curious why you avoided sumac trees or stipa gigantea?

Laura Feinstein said...

Sumac sends up suckers from the roots that are a pain to pull and trim back. Stipa gigantica just looked ragged after the first year or so and I had so much of it, it made my yard look like unkempt.