Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An important question

I'm not sure that this is creating the aesthetic that we were going for, but we now have an intermediate step between the patio and garage. Serves the purpose just fine but does it look right? There's something about our threshold jutting out from the foundation that just isn't sitting quite right with me. So, how do we fix this? Do we just paint the foundation the same color as the siding (eventually the siding will be yellow like the house) and hope that it blends in? Do we find some bluestone tiles that we can affix to the foundation to create the illusion of another step riser? Or do we back out our step and the last foot or so of patio (easier now than later) and create a second step to give our garage door a landing at the level of the threshold? Blog readers, what do you think?


Chris said...

I think that the bigger issue is whether or not this presents a slight tripping hazard. When you walk into the garage, does the threshold jut out enough that your toe gets caught on it? Also, is the floor of the garage at the same height as the threshold or is it lower.

If it is at the same height, a landing directly outside the garage, with an additional step, might be best from a safety point of view. If you are only concerned about aesthetics, then the faux riser is a good idea and I bet it would look fine.

I have a similar condition at my garage but luckily it is low enough that it doesn't bother me all that much - the tripping is always the issue with ours though.

pcs in seattle said...

I'd do something to the area around the patio - dirt, small fence, pavers, to take away the gap. To my eye it isn't the step that isn't finished - it's the stuff right next to it.