Sunday, June 13, 2010

She-Ra: Princess of POWER

Yes, that's right folks, I can move mighty boulders with my bare hands (and a little help from my old friend Archimedes). Since my partner in crime was laid up sick on the couch with a nasty cold that yours truly passed along, I had no one to help me so I had to do it myself.

Last Monday, Justin and I maneuvered all of the stones for the walkway into place but did not set them in sand. I was sick on the couch that day but got up to lend my She-Ra muscles to the task. Justin had arranged for the concrete worker to come on Tuesday and start forming and installing the rebar grid and we needed to figure out precisely where the walkway would end to meet up with the concrete.

All formed up and ready for the concrete. Our concrete finisher will be back on Wednesday to finish the job!
On Saturday, I piddled around with some low-impact chores because I still wasn't feeling top notch while Justin volunteered as the safety man and gopher for an on-the-water scavenger hunt. I wouldn't say I was 100% well on Sunday either but way better off than Justin and well enough to build a walkway. I decided that a little sweat might be just what I needed to kick this cold.

Here's the (almost) finished project. We still need one more stone at the end which we don't yet own and we can't place until the concrete is set and the form is removed.


Anonymous said...

It looks great! What kind of stone is that and where did you get it? Also, are you willing to share how much it cost? We would like to do something similar but stone always seems so pricey!

Laura Feinstein said...

It's Pennsylvania Bluestone which is very common. You can get it at any of the stoneyards around Seattle. We got ours from Lakeview stone and their price was $6.75/sqft. I priced it at the other places and Lakeview was the lowest. There are other costs like the underlayment, sand, edging, rental equipment and delivery charges that work into the total project cost too to consider.