Tuesday, June 1, 2010


After a bunch of desperate calls to tree services, we finally got a load of wood chips for mulch. Heaven sent! Apparently tree mulch is in high demand or tree services are in low demand because we've been asking for months for a load. Today, some random caller offered me a load and I didn't even recognize the company name as one that I had called, but I've been spreading my name and address and phone number around like I'm looking for trouble. Who wants to bet that we end up with more mulch than we could ever dream of using? It's bound to happen.

A view of the front yard:

Justin and I spent about an hour spreading the whole pile around the yard, hoping that the weedlings will choke on the mulch and die under it's woody goodness. I've been keeping them at bay with regular tending but they keep popping up, especially after all the glorious rain we've had.

Looking south...

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