Sunday, September 19, 2010


I'm too exhausted to even take photos. This was an action-packed weekend, even though it wasn't supposed to be. We didn't have any particular project plans so when the weekend hit, we just dug into the to-do list. Here's a recap:
  • Got 3 coats of paint on the nightstands
  • Prepared and canned a bunch of pear butter using my neighbor's Asian pears
  • Build a bed frame for our king bed (still need to upholster)
  • Thinned out the closet and got a box for Goodwill going; organized the storage in the basement to put up all of my canned tomatoes, pickles and jams.
  • Ran a bunch of chores around Seattle, mostly trying to cash in on Chinook Book coupons
  • Purchased and planted about 50% of the plants for the planting strip out front
  • Installed soffit vents in the garage
  • Repaired and rerouted the downspout on the back of the house
  • Prepped the interior doors for painting
Anyway, it was a lot and I'm exhausted now.

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