Sunday, September 5, 2010


We planted 5 new trees this weekend and found a screaming deal on them to boot. We picked up two apple trees, 2 paperbark maples and one Japanese maple all from West Seattle Nursery. WSN was having the sale of the year...the prices were 50-70% less than Swanson's on trees. I'd been anticipating that Swanson's, with it's larger space, would have a better selection and comparable prices. NOT SO!

Pictured here (looking east): 2 espaliered apples and 2 paperbark maples amongst a bramble of raspberry vines that are just now starting to produce. The raspberries are moving as soon as the fruit ripens.

And our lovely-shaped, multi-trunk Japanese maple...planted between the house and garage.
We picked up a few other items as well like a red rhody to block the alley between our garage and the neighbor's and a bunch of herbs for our soon-to-be herb garden in the parking strip. I love the fall because you can plant without consequences and all of the nurseries are having end-of-season sales so the plants are cheap!


Unknown said...

Hello Laura, after reading your post, I found myself reminiscing of my childhood days again. We used to have apple trees in the backyard and I remember my dad. He would let us ride on his back so that we can pick the fruit from the tree. Boy, it was so much fun.

Laura, do you happen to know a place in MN that sells seeds and trees? Now having kids of my own, I want them to experience playing outside not just video games. That's why, my wife and I decided to have our backyard to be remodel. MN is our new home. We just moved here three months ago. I'm just glad that we found a good neighborhood. One of my neighbors even suggested that we hire these incredible remodelers. MN truly is a perfect place to start a new life. I can now imagine our new backyard with apple trees and beautiful flowers. Well, thank you so much for the nice post. Hope to see more pictures from you guys!

Laura Feinstein said...

Hi Lawrence, Thanks for the comment. I'm not sure about a place for trees in MN but I bet if you have a local nursery, they could help you out. Your kids will love the fresh apple pickin'.

Unknown said...

Your welcome Laura. But thanks for the tip. Probably, I can look online for sellers.

Laura Feinstein said...

For online sources, I have a few favorites: Raintree nursery is awesome for fruit trees. They ship all over the country so you can find varieties that will do well in your area. .

For seeds I'd check out Seeds of Change. they have a ton of heirloom varieties and their mission is pretty cool too.

Unknown said...

Thanks a bunch, Laura! You're the best.

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