Saturday, February 11, 2012

And the dust has settled

We're into it now! I'm starting to remember the feeling you get when you do manual labor all day. My fingers are a little tender and I'm sporting two new blisters from maneuvering a crowbar for a few hours.

We started out the day with a plan. First up, we visited the lumberyard for materials to build the wall on the north side of the stairs. Next, I demoed the plaster in the stairwell while Justin finished installing the seismic brackets. It it only took minutes before I had a good start to a giant pile of rubble.  Justin and I schlepped the plaster and lath out and Justin got to make a run to the dump. We've got a pretty clean slate now.

Justin has been dutifully installing Simpson hardware every 3 feet. He has a new tool, a palm nailer, which speeds things up but makes a ton of noise.

Here's Justin taking off the first strip of lath.

I took over the demoing so Justin could get back to his brackets.

 And, the clean slate, after the load had been dropped at the dump.

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