Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Pats

I hope someone hoisted a green beer tonight. I was a bit busy paying homage to the tile gods to find myself a pint. Not that I am complaining, especially since the results of the last few days have been pretty remarkable. Laura and I took a day of "vacation" yesterday to work on the bungalow. I say "vacation" as that is what our companies call it, but relaxing it is not. We did sleep in and run some errands before meeting the countertop installers around 9:45. They rolled in like a storm and in a little over four hours had all of the quartz counters in. They did a pretty stellar job in my opinion.

Superfriend Jill came by around 12:30 with an awesome lunch of Indian food. Our lunch places are getting a little stale, and this was a welcome change. So welcome that the leftovers were our dinner. She and Laura installed tile on the walls surrounding the toilet upstairs while I grouted the downstairs bathroom walls. I then handed off the grouting operation to them so that I could work on the never-ending shower pan upstairs.

Tonight I grouted the two walls and the floor tile in the upstairs bathroom in preparation for the plumbers that are arriving tomorrow. Here is a little before and after shot of the upstairs bathroom for those just tuning in:
Our 1/2 bath before
The current status of our new 3/4 bath
If all goes well tomorrow night we should have hot water, a toilet that works and hopefully a sink or two. Oh yeah, and appliances. Those are coming tomorrow too. I think that I am most excited about the hot water though.

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