Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pushing through

We had lots of wheels turning today, working on lots of different projects. In the end, the progress was remarkable. Jon came out again and spent the day sanding our trimwork and patching the holes. We hired a friend of Justin's who is a carpenter and door hanger extradordinare to come hang our doors. Eric installed all of the door jambs that we so dutifully saved from demolition.

Our new bathroom door and salvaged trim. We need to patch a few holes and sand down the finish before we paint everthing white.
Meanwhile, Justin and I wrapped up the tile in the main floor bathroom (except one piece of bullnose that we need to pick up because we ran out). Jon brought the medicine cabinet that he built and we installed that too.

And after everyone left, Justin and I installed the flooring in the upstairs bathroom. Even after breaking several pieces trying to cut around the toilet, we had just enough to finish the job.

And finally, Doug, the stair craftsman and his father-in-law, made some serious progress on the railings. He'll be back on Monday to finish the one section not in the photo.

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