Sunday, March 29, 2009


This weekend was our official move-in weekend. Moving is never fun; it's hard work. This was no exception because Justin and I have a lot of "stuff". But we had an agreeable work crew who made the task all the quicker. Thanks so much to Dale, Bobbi, Ryan, Michelle, Caryn & Dan for your help. We rented a 17' U-Haul and filled it to the brim once and took a second lighter load plus a bunch of car-loads of random stuff. Michelle stayed back and started cleaning the old place which was far dirtier than I could have imagined with cat hair everywhere. I wish I could blame our cat for all of the mess but unfortunately, some of it was just from us humans.

Dale, Ryan and Justin did much of the super heavy lifting and shimmied some pretty awkward pieces of furniture up the stairs. The rest of us schlepped box after box up and down the stairs. What a workout!

We wrapped up around 3pm and crashed on the couches and enjoyed a beverage and some snacks. And Caryn helped me make the bed which was an awesome idea because when I fell asleep on the couch around 8:00, there was little that would have motivated me to make the bed at that point.

So, the good news is that we are all in, partially unpacked, especially in the kitchen. We've spent our first night in our new bedroom and cooked our first real meal in the kitchen (flank steak with carmelized onions and balsalmic reduction-yum!). We've moved all of our clothes into the new closet and took delivery of the new dining room table. We picked up our three new favorite chairs for the counter, a gift from Caryn. And we changed the locks--a sign that we're done with the contractors. The old place is spic and span and ready for it's new owner.

Here are a few of the "after" pictures from the move:

Caryn and Dan chilling in the dining room.
Michelle, Bobbi, and Justin resting on the furniture they just moved.

Tink takes the edge off. Moving is stressful for kittens (seriously, she loves beer but she only gets to lick the rim of the bottle)

The new dining room table and counterstools on the left.

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