Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Making the house our home

We've spent more than a week in the bungalow now and it is starting to feel more familiar. There is a certain different feng shui to this place that has me moving through the place differently than I had in the last home. It's not good or bad, just different and will take a little to get used to, to make a habit.

We have a list about a million items long to "fix" or work on so we are still spending our evenings and weekends working at the house. It is about a million times more convenient now though. This past week (and a half!) we've finished grouting the upstairs bathroom, moved an outlet to make tiling easier, hung up a bunch of hooks and even a few pieces of artwork, hosted some friends for dinner, framed out a linen closet and painted it, started priming the trim in the living room, removed all of the ugly coax cable hanging off the exterior the house, unloaded the extra doorframes to make room for outdoor furniture on the front porch, swept and mopped all of the floors, installed the "magic corner" in our corner cabinet, hung the towel bars and toilet paper holder in the bathroom, and well, you get the point. We've been chipping away at the list. Our big upcoming jobs really have to do with prepping the trim to paint and painting.

One of the super great things is a return to cooking for ourselves. I'm really loving the new range that we have. The jury is still out on the dishwasher. It is definately quiet as a mouse but I'm still wondering how clean it is getting my dishes. I think it is working but the first few things I pulled out were definately not as clean as they could be. We have the bbq set up outside and have employed it for a few meals already.


Unknown said...

Hi, I just ran across your site from the Beacon Hill blog and realized you are only about a block from us and we are going through a lot of what you are going through! Keep up the good work and I will stop by next time I'm walking the dog and say hi next time I see you out front.

Laura Feinstein said...

Sounds great bloggersucks. Do say hi!