Friday, April 10, 2009

Quick Update

I have no pictures to show today but we've had a lot of fun this past week moving in. Yesterday, we received the cabinets for our kitchen island unexpectantly so we were compelled to install the island. I ordered the butcherblock countertop on Thursday afternoon once I realized the cabinets were on their way. Justin had started the installation by the time I came home. I punched holes in all of the doors to install the knob & pull hardware and by 8pm, we had ourselves a kitchen island sans countertop.

UPS has been making regular stops at our place since we moved in. We had a delivery of the bathroom towel bars this week and the pendant lights for the kitchen island, ordered on Thursday, have been delivered today (how's that for speed...and delivery was FREE!). I've been busy getting a few of the things I've been longing for over the past four months including some new hiking shoes and a cute mini-muffin tin. The shoes came yesterday and the tin is on its way today.

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