Sunday, April 19, 2009


Yesterday was our deadline, but we beat it by a mile. The goal all along was to move into the house and host Justin's 29th birthday in the new place. We had an awesome party on Saturday night. Like proud parents, we were able to put our project out on display and welcomed the admiration and compliments. Justin had a keg of beer and a favorite meal and a bunch of friends over to help him celebrate the last of his 20s. I made the cake, a tried and true recipe for a delicious chocolate on chocolate confection. And everyone sang Happy Birthday.
Sunday was a delight...we took the day off and not just to nurse hangovers from the birthday party. We decided to check out the bike routes and took the inagural bike ride of the year, a whopping 9 miles which just about killed me since I'm so out of shape and there was a nice big hill to climb to get home. We read the paper and just relaxed, away from the tile and caulk and paint and home improvement projects that have claimed our weekends for so many months.

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Tory Vetter said...

We had great fun at your party! The house looks great. :)