Thursday, December 11, 2008

Demo Day III

Justin and Jill took the day off to carry the demolition a little further. The dumpster was emptied on Tuesday and it's full again today. We'll have it emptied on Friday so we will be set for the weekend. It's a little sad generating this much waste with our project. Hopefully the recycler will find something useful to do with lath and plaster bits.

Justin put his thinking cap on and built a chute out of ductwork from the house. He propped it up with our extension ladder. It was a modern day chutes & ladders in our back yard!

They wrapped up the day having cleared all of the piles of plaster and lath from the house and pulling out half of the ceiling in the master bedroom and the walls of the bathroom upstairs.

After an initial hack-fest on the fir trim throughout the house, Justin decided to put his kid gloves on and remove the remainder with the plan to reuse. He's salvaged much of what was left upstairs. Hopefully we can figure out how to clean this stuff up and reuse it.


litlnemo said...

Did you remove all the plaster in the house?

If plaster is in good shape, it's awesome stuff -- much more soundproof than drywall. I hope you still have some of it left somewhere that is in good shape. Just don't ever put a tack in it. :)

Our Beacon Hill house is a 1911 bungalow. Still has all of its plaster and all of the fir woodwork, except in the bathroom. Some of it was under multiple layers of paint and wallpaper, though...

Laura Feinstein said...

We are leaving plaster in the dining room and living room as well as the main floor bedroom, so probably about 70% of the main floor. The plaster is in great much so that I thought it was drywall when we first toured the house. But, because we are changing the floor plan upstairs, it made sense to tear out the plaster completely up there.

The woodwork has all been painted which is fine since I like that look. We've pulled a lot of it off with the hope to reuse it in the especially prominent areas of the home...just with a fresh paint job.

Hope we meet up some time. We're anxious to meet the neighbors!

litlnemo said...

It's good you still have some plaster. It's wonderful stuff. I can play relatively loud music in one of our downstairs bedrooms, and it's barely audible in the living room. Sound just doesn't carry through that stuff much. :)

I see the awesome bookshelves and tiled fireplace -- does the house have any other built-ins? We have some in every downstairs room except the bathroom. You can see some of them at .