Friday, December 19, 2008

Bid Day!

Well, the exclamation point isn't really suitable for what happened today: 2 bidders. It seems that the weather is going to stymie progress. Many of them rescheduled for next week and we might have a couple coming tomorrow. This doesn't sound too bad unless you take a look at the Seattle forecast which is calling for more snow, high winds and cold temperatures for at least the next 4 days. So, I'm not thinking conditions are going to be much better anytime soon.

We had planned to take the chimney down this weekend and have the roof patched but that's looking unlikely since the roof is pretty slippery and snow covered. Plus, the worst of it is that our dumpster pickup was rescheduled for Monday so we have a full dumpster going into the weekend! Uggh! I guess this is the part where renovation gets frustrating.

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