Saturday, December 6, 2008

Demo Day I

Today was a big day for our project. We had 6 of our best friends come over and work up a good sweat. Thanks Amy, Brian, Jill, Scott, Heidi & Aaron! We suited up to protect ourselves from lead paint which we assume is all over the house. Here's a group photo before we got too crazy with the sledgehammer.

We had to pull all of the carpet out of the house and pry up the tack strips. Here's Jill finishing up the job.
The kitchen was our first victim to the sledgehammer. We had so much debris that we filled the 7 yard dumpster and had a bunch of the lath left over so we built a bonfire (not really) in the kitchen. We'll get rid of this pile when Waste Management frees us of the first load--thanks Ben @ WM for hooking us up.
Aaron found a really cool bee's nest in a wall. Thankfully it had been long abandoned. This is going to be a treat to clean up!

Here's a view of the kitchen with most of the demo complete. We'll be opening up this wall a bit to make room for a peninsula from kitchen to the dining room but we're going to need some guidance from our architect on how to frame it out properly.
So, we finished up the day around 4pm, just as the sun was setting which was convenient since we were pooped. We accomplished a lot! The kitchen is stripped of its plaster and 2 of the 3 bedrooms upstairs have been gutted, except for the ceilings. We'll need an empty dumpster before we can get too much further and maybe some time to recoup our tired muscles.

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