Friday, December 5, 2008

Justin and I bought a house together. It needs some work. The house hasn't been renovated (ever) and it was built in 1920. We bargained the seller down to a price we could live with but it still seems like a lot looking at the work we have ahead of us. We'll need new: plumbing, electrical, HVAC & ductwork, kitchen cabinets/counters/fixtures/appliances, bathroom cabinets/counters/fixures, flooring and some windows. Whew. We hired an architect to help us change the floor plan a little and she's nearly done with the final drawings. We've gone through the preliminaries, prior to closing on the house, so we could hit the ground running when we closed.

Our first project has been to disconnect the sketchy wiring at the panel and install some temporary circuits to use during our demolition. Here are some photos of our makeshift lighting and new (temporary) electrical service.

Hallway illumination
New circuits & outlets

Kitchen illumination


Sessalli O. said...

that's soooo cool how you bought a fixer-upper and are blogging about it. I'm pretty sure your house will become a home in no time. BTW check out my blog:

Allison said...

Hi there! I totally recognize your house. My husband I also live on beacon hill and have been working on our house since Nov. 2005. If you are ever looking for contacts for service and/or stores please feel free to contact us.