Sunday, December 7, 2008

Demo Day II

With a full dumpster, we couldn't get too carried away with ripping out more plaster but we did our best. Jill and Scott were back for round 2. They came to help after a full day on Saturday and their morning run of 6-10 miles. They're tough! This is a photo from the future master bedroom looking into the future closet & bathroom.

Justin capped off most of the plumbing so we can start ripping out fixtures and pipes and we cleaned out a problem gutter. The gutter was backed up and leaky and after disassembling it, we found a good 10 inches of muck and some plastic pieces plugging the passage. I also got rid of a bird's nest on the porch. It didn't appear to be occupied so I don't think any bird is going to miss it. Plus, I'm doing those birds a favor because my cats are fond of eating birds.

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