Friday, January 16, 2009

Photo Update

I'm doing some lunch-time blogging since we are leaving on a little ski vacation tonight and I won't have time to get these photos up at home. Hopefully when we return on Tuesday, not only will we have a new president but also a lot of progress on our windows, HVAC and electrical work. Here are a few photos from Thursday night:

Lots of wire in the walls

Some new can lights for the master bedroom

New windows in the rear dormer!
Our new plumbing wall. We have plumbing for the water heater, sink and washing machine now.

1 comment:

pcs in seattle said...

Looks like a lotta room in there for a beer bathtub, and now would be the time to run the lines for the keg.

Oh - and - CAT5, CAT6, or better, I hope!