Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Small Bad News

Laura found out some minor bad news today related to the existing natural gas service to the house. It turns out that the number of appliances we want to install will overtax the existing gas service and we will likely have problems. I guess a gas range, dryer, fireplace, furnace and instantaneous hot water heater were not thought of back in the day. Apparently what they did think of was that it would be cheaper in the short run to put in a shared gas main for our house and our neighbors so we would probably cause problems for them too. So.... it looks like we will also be getting a brand new gas main and meter for the house. I guess that is what our contingency is for (I don't know how many times I have said that lately). This is probably best in the long run as several of the electricians that looked at the house for bids said the gas and electrical meters were too close together per the current code. Our luck would probably have run out about the time we were looking for a final inspection anyway.

The day has not passed without some good news however. We met with the cabinet supplier this evening and placed our order. The framers wrapped up what they could do in the upstairs and were moving to the main floor and basement. They think they will be done tomorrow with what they can do and will have one more day to come back for some small details that will have to wait. At lunch I stopped at the house to clarify a few framing details and to meet with the newly signed up furnace guy. All systems are go on that front and they should be starting to install duct work on the 19th. It also appears that our matching vinyl siding was locally available as it was sitting on the porch ready to go. Now in six or seven more work days the windows will be ready and the whole package can go in. No more snow in the house!

In general we are headed rapidly in the right direction and morale is still high. Onward!

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