Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ready for Inspection

Our subs have been busy over the past week and tomorrow is their day of truth. Justin is taking the day off to be around for our first set of inspections: structural, framing, electrical, plumbing and mechanical. Cross your fingers that we get our signatures. In the meantime, I've been busy arguing with my employer, the gas company about relocating the gas meter to comply with code and meet our load demands. Unfortunately, PSE subcontracts out the work to a company called Pilchuck but does very little in the way of managing their subcontractor; they leave that up to the customer. We need the gas meter hooked up before our drywallers get going so they can hang in heated space, a requirement of their proposal.

Here's our siding & window patchwork in progress.

The electricians made about 100 holes in our plaster walls and ceilings.
Here's our new 95% efficient gas furnace. Oh yeah! Conservation is our game!Here's Justin dismanteling the bathroom fan the night before the inspection. He never got it back together so we'll have to have our mechanical team back to redo it.

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