Thursday, January 8, 2009


There has been much progress these past few days and the week is not even over. The framers did wrap up everything they could this morning and are awaiting their last trip prior to being completely done. I released the electrician yesterday and the drywaller today. We still need to select an insulator which we will probably do after an on site meeting next week. The plumber starts tomorrow which is great as that gives him a head start on the electricians who are scheduled for next Wednesday.

Laura and I stopped at the house tonight to take more pictures, to measure for the cabinets and to see how our dream is coming together. It is good that we did check the framing dimensions against the casework shop drawings as we had two dimension issues that would have been tragic had they made it through production. A quick call to the cabinet shop and they were fixed. Apparently one of the solutions was to give me smaller bathroom drawers. Hmmmm, not sure how I feel about that.

We spent part of last night and tonight looking at tile and hardwood flooring in an attempt to narrow the field of possibilities. I think (don't quote me) that we are close on the upstairs bathroom tile but still a ways away from making a decision on hardwood flooring. Any opinions on this set of tile? We are thinking that the floor would be a 12"x24" of the brown on the lower right and the walls would be a 10"x 13" of the cream that is the same color as the large tile on the board along with some type of glass accent tile. Do any of our readers have a comment?

Laura also determined that our previously reported gas meter troubles are not nearly the magnitude that we had feared. Puget Sound Energy plans to add a line for our neighbor and then replace our meter with one of greater capacity. This is a much better deal for us.

Here are some more progress photos from yesterday and today:

The main floor hallway coat closet.

The main floor bathroom medicine cabinet will go here.

Looking from the kitchen into the dining room.

This is the same opening but from the other side.

This is the wall in the basement where all of the appliances will be roughed in (water heater, furnace, washer, dryer and utility sink).


Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Thanks for letting us know about your blog, and sorry for the delay in getting the news out to more of your neighbors. Welcome to the neighborhood, and good luck with the renovatin'!

SAWII said...

Brown looks a little dark to me. I like the next shade up.