Sunday, January 4, 2009

Final Days of Demo

Happy New Year and the final days of our demolition! We wrapped up the major deconstruction activities this weekend. Justin and I both took the 2nd off of work to labor at our "second job". We did a lot of small things that added up to quite a bit. Justin's dad, Jon, came out for an afternoon and helped break down the walls in the basement. Jon's fighting an ugly eye infection and nearly chopped off his hand in the dumpster but stuck in out for the afternoon to lend a hand (thankfully he still had one to lend). We tore out the remainder of the old heating ducting and busted out several studs on the top floor to make room for the new walls. We also cashed in on our boxes of wire and copper pipe at the recycler: $36 for the lot and they took about 100 pounds of sash weights off our hands too. On Sunday, we spent the day cleaning up all of the dust and the photos below show it.

A few of our subcontractors came out to the site to walk through. We had the framers and plumber on site to confer and our window & siding guy came by to take measurements with which to order our new windows. So far, we have these three subs on board. We'll be making some decisions on an electrician, HVAC contractor, insulator and drywaller this upcoming week. Tomorrow, the framers begin and if everything goes as planned (it's snowing buckets right now so this is a big "if"), we'll have our framing wrapped up before the end of this upcoming week.

Here's a less than clear photo of the most disgusting ducts you've ever seen. They were growing fur! Justin is wielding a long pole to pry down the sheet metal. Lots of dust in the air!
Our new closet, minus a few studs.

The hallway and master bedroom and future linen closet. Our new bedroom door is moving over a couple of inches to give a more gracious opening.

Check out the 7 studs on the back wall! We tore out several of these to allow for better insulation.

Notice any less dust? This is a photo after we swept and vacuumed.

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