Friday, February 6, 2009

Heat & Walls

Drywall activity kicked off the week on Monday with a whole lotta hanging going on. On Wednesday, PSE installed our new gas meter. PSE had a bit of an ordeal getting our gas line and neighbor's gas line figured out since nothing about our system was up to code. In the end, we ended up being a twin off of our next door neighbor's house because it was the path of least resistance.

Here's a photo of our new meter just a day short of being hooked up by our mechanical contractor.
By Thursday, we had drywall up on all of the walls and the crew had taped and mudded their first coat. The place really looked different when we had a look on Thursday evening.

Here's our new kitchen space from the dining room.
Our main level bathroom with a nice shot of the new bathtub.
Here's our spare bedroom on the second floor--you can see the rigid insulation plug for our attic space in the closet.
Here's a shot from the stairs looking up. Straight ahead is our master bedroom. The new bathroom is through the doorway to the right and the little nook in the right foreground will hold a little desk/office space.

Our drywallers went above and beyond our expectations on Friday, skimcoating all of the plaster on the mainfloor to give a smoother look. This should hopefully take care of some of the hairline cracks and paint drips from the last painter.

The heat is on now which is wonderful. No more chilly work space. Our home is really coming together!

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