Saturday, February 28, 2009

Odds and Ends

Justin is a perfectionist. Today it nearly killed him (psychologically). See, we had planned to have all this wood backing in the walls to make hanging cabinets in the kitchen easy. But, when we went to install the range hood, the backing was too low and there were no studs where we needed them. Ah, ha! Justin would just cut out a piece of drywall, install some plywood in its place and screw the plywood into the studs. And he did...but he over-engineered his solution with a bunch of pieces of wood cramed up beyond the hole in the drywall and screwed in and then he forgot to move the electrical line to the right so it would line up with the electric in the hood. And then he broke a screw in the contraption. So, when he decided to take it all apart to move the electrical wire, it didn't come apart nicely...the broken screw held some pieces in place and he had to bend the wood to get the wire rerouted. When he went to put the wood back in place, it didn't fit nicely like kind of angled in. He had to shim the fastening brackets for the hood so that it would mount nicely. And this operation just killed his perfectionist spirit. But I offered no consolation. It was 7:28 pm and I was ready to go home.

Here's the kludge with the shims and Justin with a sassy attitude.

Oh, but the kludge was good enough because the hood hung nice and level and hid all the rough stuff behind it.
Satuday wasn't all about the hood--we did lots of other things too. Justin's dad, Jon, came over to help for the day and he patched all of the subfloor to prep it for the patching that the floor refinishers will do next week. Meanwhile, Justin installed our bathroom radiant floor heating system and the self-leveling compound that it lies in. I pulled out the rest of the staples in the wood floor, removed all of the tape from the rooms we were finished painting and finished painting the second coat in the living room.
Here's our new bathroom floor with the warming coil set into the cement.

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