Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two more coats

This has been a rough week, mostly for Justin. Justin woke up at 3 am on Monday morning with a wicked case of food poisoning/stomach flu. He was up most of the rest of the early morning in an uncomfortable state and stayed home from work (an unusual occurrence). So, we didn't make any progress on Monday night as planned on our project--I was too busy nursing him back to health and baking zucchini bread. Tuesday morning, I met the countertop fabricator at the house for countertop templating. This has to be the most unscientific trade out there. The guy took 8' wood slats and laid them out on the cabinets and then hot glued them together to simulate the frame of our cabinet. Not a single measurement was taken to verify the location of anything. We shall see if we get the countertops for which we're paying.
Tonight, finally, we can see the finish line on the painting chore now. We've got two more coats to apply: one coat to the living room and one coat to the upstairs bedroom closets. Justin and I sacrificed an evening to the brush and roller and finished the painting in the bedroom downstairs, started the living room and both closets in the bedrooms upstairs.

Here's our finely painted closet in the spare room (maybe we'll call it the kitty room since I think we'll be putting the cat gym in here).

Our "shades of blue" living room. The color of the trim is a real clasher right now but getting the white on the molding isn't a priority...lots of other things to do!
And another surprise! Doug, our stair railing craftsman, dropped off our newel posts for the stair railing. The posts look a lot better in reality then they are depicted in the catalog--a pleasant surprise!

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