Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So Far So Good

Things are progressing along very well at the bungalow. We spent the weekend enjoying the new furnace at the house while doing a few smaller projects that are not on the critical path but have to be done. Knowing that we have to move soon we thought that some shelves would be a good addition to the basement so we spent Saturday putting two sets together using salvaged lumber from the old basement walls. My dad stopped by to take some measurements for the medicine cabinet he is building for us, as well as to drop off his newly rebuilt paint sprayer. Things are on track to start painting this upcoming weekend and this will make things go a lot faster. We also started the patching of the base moulding where the old electrical outlets were located.

On Sunday we felt bad about leaving our other kitten Tinkerbell at home alone so she went on a field trip to the bungalow for the day. Based on her reaction to the mess I don't think she was too impressed. Once there are counters to jump on and couches to sleep upon I'm sure it will meet her high standards. While Tink explored the house Laura and I finished the trim repair and did a big cleanup of the basement, outside and the secret room under the porch. Unfortunately there were no really cool items to come out from under the porch, just a few cool old glass jugs and jars. The rest was moldy, rotten or just gross so it went in the dumpster. Ryan, Michelle and Jill stopped by to check out our progress as well which was a nice distraction.

The drywallers are on track to be wrapped up by Friday so we can start to mask the windows and trim for the big weekend painting show. My hope is to have all of the ceilings painted and the walls of all but the smaller rooms finished as well. The cabinets are coming a week from today and I want to get the majority of the mess wrapped up before we start moving them into the house.

Hopefully the remainder of the week has a bit less drama than last week. I don't think I can take another like that!

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