Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Weekend

We have made huge leaps forward since the last post. Our goal of obtaining the OK to install drywall was reached last Friday when our last two inspection sign offs were given. There is a great story to all of it that I will not be posting, primarily to protect the innocent.

We finished up last week with Laura coming down with some type of ailment (it always seems to happen every year around Superbowl Sunday) and a very sick cat. The insulators completed their exposed wall work (still have the blow in to do) and the plumber installed the 300+ pound bathtub. I worked at the house on Friday, Saturday and Sunday cleaning up, installing as much blocking in the walls as I could, installing the downstairs bathroom sub floor and generally getting the house ready for the drywall installation. The carpenter that we hired came by on Saturday and we worked through the plan for the new banister for the stairs to the upper floor and installed some blocking and support for that. My plan was to work on Saturday and take Sunday off to read the paper, make chili, watch the Superbowl and eat said chili. Once at home Saturday night I realized that there were a few important things that I forgot to do so I headed back over to the bungalow on Sunday morning to wrap them up. Laura made the chili and we headed to Chris and Sarah's to watch the big game and eat said chili (and seven others).

I stopped by the house today on my way back from a job site to see if there were any signs of the drywall delivery guys. When I pulled up there were no trucks on the street, but the front door was wide open. I had stopped early this morning to pick up a flashlight on my way to the job site and knew that the door was locked. I heard a lot of racket in the alley as I approached the house and this is what I saw:

Just a little drywall delivery truck (and yes that is blue sky). The house is now fully stocked of drywall and ready for the hanging crew to arrive. I'm hoping that they are there in force tomorrow to get a big jump on the work.

Tonight I took one of our cats to the vet for the third time (no improvement for about three weeks), Laura and I cleaned up the soon to be for sale house, and I took a load of random stuff to the bungalow. Apparently our collection of construction materials and fixtures do not show well to prospective buyers. Here are some other updated photos:

Main floor bath tub (under the cardboard and OSB).
The master bedroom closet pocket door frame.

Big stack of drywall in the dining room ready to go up!

Temporary filter at the upstairs cold air return.

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