Sunday, February 22, 2009

Narrowing the Gap

For those of you who don't know, I sold my house and the deal is closing at the end of March so we have our move-in date: March 28. I have the U-Haul rented and even a few boxes packed. This news made progress this weekend all the more important as we don't have much time left before we make this place our home.

On Tuesday last week, our cabinets were delivered and our top priority this weekend was to get them installed so that the countertop templating crew can get our countertops crafted. Justin spent most of his evenings last week setting and leveling the cabinets so we thought that we'd have loads of time to work on things like painting and pulling staples from the floor this weekend. Unfortunately, he must have picked the easiest cabinets to install last week because it took the entire day Saturday to install the rest of the kitchen cabinets. We were there until 8 pm finishing the job. But they look great:

Here's our newly painted kitchen with our white cabinetry.

Here's Justin installing a base for the tall cabinets. This is our new pantry.
On Sunday, we made our way over to the house bright and early, despite our long day on Saturday. On the agenda was painting and installing the cabinetry for the upstairs bathroom.

We spent the morning spraying on the tan paint for the hallways, stairway, bathroom and extra bedroom. There was a lot of surface area and with my faulty wrist it was going to be worth it to tape off the ceilings and spray on the tan paint. We had two coats on by noon and the sprayer cleaned up too. It was a huge time/joint saver. The only bummer was that the tape took off a bunch of the ceiling paint so I'll have to go back over the edges with more ceiling paint at a later date. We got nice clean lines between the ceiling and wall though.

Here's our nook upstairs for a desk with tan paint and white ceilings.
While Justin worked on the cabinets, I decided to edge the living room and downstairs bedroom with paint. I had some extra time and will so I rolled on the paint for the bedroom. It is sort of a light blue and is exactly the same color as I have in my current spare need to change all of the accessories just because we're moving!

The spare room with light blue paint. The masked off stuff is a picture rail that we'll paint white eventually along with all of the rest of the molding and trim throughout the house.

I also wrapped up the painting the dining room (imagine white molding).

And Justin finished up the cabinetry in the bathroom. Isn't it sleek? (And doesn't our camera lens need a good cleaning?) I'm not so sure I'm in love with the wall color. I'm thinking I should have gone with a lighter color but we'll be giving it a chance.


Bill said...

Comming along nicely! Cant wait to see the finished product!

Anonymous said...

Looks good! But Justin, the glasses go on your eyes not your forehead!